Cleaning Dull Tiles

Vintage tiles have recently been favored as home floor materials. Besides being beautiful, the use of tiles can also give a different feel to the house. For example, if you use tiles with a choice of monochrome colors, the house will look elegant and classic. Meanwhile, if you choose to use tiles with playful colors, then the house will look unique and artsy! But when it comes to maintenance, there are still many who don’t know how to clean a dull tile floor. Well, take a look at how to clean the tile floor below even without calling tile cleaning north shore service!

Starting from the side. Do not immediately clean the floor from the center area. Try cleaning starting from the edge or corner first. This is a precautionary measure, if there is damage when you clean the floor, then the damage can be minimized. Next, you need to clean the residue. You have to prepare a dull knife. Use the knife to scrape off any hardened residue such as paint or dry cement from the floor surface. Then sweep all the dirt from between the floors.

You can also try using coconut pulp. Did you know that grated coconut pulp can make floors cleaner and shiny? That’s right, don’t immediately throw away the remaining grated coconut pulp, you can use it to rub the entire surface of the tiles with the coconut pulp. As a result, the tile floor will be shinier! But unfortunately, coconut pulp also causes the floor to feel slippery after scrubbing. That’s why, after scrubbing with coconut dregs, you still have to mop the entire surface of the floor with floor cleaner.

Last, thorough mop. After all the residue is swept away, the tile floor is ready to be mopped. Use Anti Bacterial floor cleaner which can kill viruses and germs up to 99% and make the home atmosphere cleaner and more comfortable.

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