How to Protect Children from Disease

Children have an immune system that is still developing, so the immune system is not as strong as adults and is more vulnerable to illness. Therefore, parents need to know how to protect children from disease so that they are not easily sick and their growth and development is not disturbed. Children, especially toddlers, can be attacked by ARI or Cough Colds 8-10 times a year. Not only ISPA, there are also some other diseases that are quite often experienced by children, including strep throat and diarrhea. You can also read

If the child is often sick, not only his activities can be disturbed, but also growth and development. Therefore, parents need to know how to protect children from disease. So that children do not get sick easily, there are several ways that can be done by parents to protect children from disease, namely:

1. Remind and make it a habit for children to wash their hands
Maintaining health can be started from simple things, namely diligently washing hands. This good habit can be an effective way to protect children from various diseases. Washing hands regularly can prevent bacteria, viruses, and parasites in the hands into the body and cause infection. Therefore, teach and remind your child to wash your hands properly for at least 20 seconds with soap and running water. Use soft soap that is safe for children. When finished, immediately dry his hand with a clean towel or tissue.

2. Complete the child’s immunization according to the schedule
Efforts to protect children from diseases caused by bacteria or viruses can be done by immunization or giving vaccines. Vaccines contain bacteria or viruses that have been turned off or weakened so that it does not cause disease, but instead stimulates the body to produce immune reactions. That way, when the child is attacked by the actual germs, his body can immediately recognize and fight the germs.

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