Underpinners Make Sure That Every Nail Inserted Properly

The harder the material, the slower you need to set the dwell timer and cycle speed. You want to make sure the nail is fully inserted before moving on to a second or third nail position. Too fast a cycle can cause material shifting or poor nail stacking. What often slows down production, especially when you’re constantly changing the type of trims to be joined, is the set-up time to switch from one trim to the next. In this case, it is important to pay attention to the configuration.capacity of a machine. Amp underpinners that can be easily changed can save a lot of time. An automated machine that remembers specific nailing and fastening needs greatly speeds up the job, especially for inexperienced operators. If you need to change nail types or sizes, find out how and how long it takes Programmable memory Sometimes when I’m in stores, I look at the frames, says Pistorius.

I found a 2 inch bar with 10 nails. Either they are in the wrong position and the outer corner is open. Or the front of the bar is open because the nails were too long. That’s why more and more manufacturers want intelligent machines. Electronic memory machines on amp underpinners can store specific parameters for molded parts by part number. For example, you record where brackets should be placed. We number the upper clamps and the horizontal clamps. When an operator enters a part number, the display says: Place the top clamp in position five, the seam clamp in position three, and what size nail to load.The operator places the part in the machine, steps on the foot pedal and Vnailer automatically places the right number of nails in exactly the right places. The machine guarantees the quality of the connection. This information is easy to store and can even be performed offline and downloaded to the machine’s memory.

If you remember the information for a particular trimming style, as soon as you step on the footswitch, the machine will activate the clamps and the burn sequence will begin according to the recipe you set. above, says Haines.This ensures repeatability. The head hammers in nails in any order, which can come in handy when making tricky cuts and gives you flexibility when drawing a corner. You still need someone with experience setting up the profiles, but it requires a lot of operator judgment.