The Role of the Dentist and Actions Performed

A dentist has special expertise in diagnosing, treating, and preventing health problems or abnormalities in the teeth. Not only that, the dentist’s role also includes handling a number of disorders of the gums and mouth. During this time, you may only know the term dentist as a profession that can solve all dental and oral problems. If you want to learn more about the dentist, you can visit and find out what are the offers.

However, in fact, this is not the case, dentists also have specialties that have a special role in overcoming dental and oral health problems according to their scientific field.

In accordance with his specialty, dentists have in-depth knowledge of the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of dental and oral diseases. Some of the diseases treated by dentists include:

Bad breath
Gum disease
Prolonged thrush

Complaints about teeth, gums, and mouth can often be treated on their own, so most people feel there is no need to go to the dentist. In fact, a check-up with the dentist should be done every 6 months so that dental and oral health is maintained. Visiting the dentist can often seem daunting, especially to children. However, this is actually nothing to worry about. Even if you have to take action, such as pulling a tooth, the dentist will give you a local anesthetic so it won’t hurt.

If there are conditions that cannot be treated by a general dentist, a referral may be given so that your dental and oral problems can be treated by a specialist dentist. Therefore, do not hesitate to check your dental and oral health to the dentist regularly. Not only preventing tooth decay, but regular check-ups are also important so that proper treatment can be done immediately if there are problems with the teeth and mouth.