Simple Ways to Wash Carpets Manually

The first step to do before washing the carpet is cleaning it from dust. We can clean it manually using a broomstick or in a modern way using a vacuum cleaner. I recommend using a wet and dry vacuum cleaner because the lost dust is more evenly distributed, besides it can clean up dirt in the form of water on the carpet. Aside from that, visit carpet care specialists if you want to know more about an excellent carpet cleaning company.

The second step is to spread the carpet on the clothesline. My advice is to use a strong clothesline to support the carpet. Because the weight of the carpet will certainly increase when exposed to water.

The third step is to spray the carpet with water. Use a high-pressure water spray to clean the carpet, this is intended to force the dirt on the carpet to get out.

The fourth step is to use special shampoos for carpets. After washing with water, start using a special carpet shampoo, I recommend that you be careful in choosing this shampoo because if you choose the shampoo for example containing whitening ingredients while you do not wash the white carpet, the color of the carpet will be damaged. Unfortunately, the carpet is moreover if the carpet is expensive.

The fifth step is to brush the carpet. After giving shampoo, brush the carpet with a soft-bristled brush. In the process of brushing it must be done with care so that the fur of the carpet is not damaged or rough. If you can only use your hands when cleaning the carpet.

The sixth step is the process of rinsing. Rinse the carpet using a small pressure until the foam is gone. Repeat this process until the foam and dirt are completely gone.

The seventh step is drying the carpet. Do not dry the carpet in an open room exposed to direct sunlight. This can damage the fur off the carpet so that it becomes rough. Dry the carpet in the room that has good air circulation so the carpet doesn’t smell.

The eighth step is to use baking soda. If the carpet is dry, sprinkle baking soda for a few minutes on the carpet surface. After that, clean it using a vacuum cleaner.

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